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Bethel Children's Center - Ruiru, Kenya


The city of Ruiru is a poor community about 20 miles from Nairobi, Kenya. Many of the residents survive on less than US$1 a day. SPEAR IM international ministry partners, Andrew and Agnes Mukumbu, moved to Ruiru over 10 years ago to plant a church. As he began to share the Gospel and make disciples, Andrew was shocked by the number of children who live on the streets. He found that in this area, as many as 1 in 6 school children are orphans. The needs are overwhelming!


The Mukumbus initially took in 3 orphans and today have an orphanage for more than 50 children and a K-8 school with 350 children who can’t afford to attend public school. In addition to the children from Bethel Children’s Center, another 100 orphans from the community attend Bethel Elementary School. You can imagine the impact the Good News of Jesus Christ is making in Ruiru.


In addition to physical and educational needs, these children and the community are receiving a far greater gift in the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Many are hearing for the first time that their heavenly Father loves them and will never abandon them. In spite of poverty and rejection by family and society they now have hope for the future. This is wonderful, but there are tens of thousands of others in Ruiru who are still waiting for Good News!


The vision of SPEAR Kenya is “to make disciples of all nations by targeting destitute communities and unreached people groups in Kenya”. Now through SPEAR IM you can partner with Andrew and Agnes as they “preach the Gospel to the poor” and make disciples of Kenyans who live in spiritual and physical poverty.


Here are some of the ways you can partner with SPEAR Kenya:


*Short Term SPEAR Kenya ministry trips. SPEAR IM sponsors two or three short term trips to Kenya each year. You can help with things like children’s ministry, light construction, medical ministry, community outreach, discipleship, music ministry, Bible teaching, showing and sharing the Gospel.  Click HERE for information about these trips.


*Partner with an orphan through our His Kids Friends or High School Friends Programs.


*Start or join an existing Strategic Partnership Team for SPEAR Kenya. Being a SPT member will give you an inside track on what God is doing in Kenya and how you can best pray and participate. Your SPT will receive monthly updates and prayer requests from Andrew and Agnes. As a SPEAR Kenya SPT member you will be true partner in this life changing ministry! CONTACT us for more details.


*The “5 Loaves and 2 Fish” program is designed to help provide food for the full-time orphans who live at the orphanage and about 100 orphans who attend the Bethel Christian School. The kids who live at the orphanage receive 3 meals a day. Breakfast is typically bread and milk. Lunch is beans or other grain and dinner is “ugali” (similar to grits though a bit drier) often accompanied by greens or other vegetable. We are seeking to add occasional fruit and monthly meat to this diet. There is also a need to expand the feeding program to other destitute children and some widows who live near the Center. Gifts of any amount can be designated for the “5 Loaves and 2 Fish” program.


You can send a tax-deductible contribution for SPEAR Kenya through our DONATE page.

Samburu Outreach Ministry


Even with all the happenings at Bethel Children’s Centre and God’s Family Church, Andrew & Agnes still find time to devote to an outreach ministry to the Samburu Tribe in Northern Kenya (more and 6 hours drive from Ruiru!):

Bethel Elementary School

More than 350 of God’s boys and girls from Ruiru attend the Bethel Elementary School each day.  They are provided with a hot lunch while they are here.


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