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SPEAR IM exists to “encourage, equip, and empower believers worldwide to discover and fulfill their role in the great commission”. Your role may include relocating to a different place, participating in ministry trips or partnering with an orphan or Christian leader.  In addition to all of these, you can be certain that part of your God-given role in making disciples of all nations is intercession.


The SPEAR IM Prayer Focus is provided to assist you in praying effectively for both International Ministry Partners around the world and Great Commission Partners here in the U.S.





▪Praise the Lord for blessing the SPEAR Kenya Team as they minister to church leaders and to orphans. Pray that God will bless the remainder of their ministry opportunities, grant them safety as they return on Saturday and maximize their experience in their lives and in the lives of those to whom they ministered.



▪Praise the Lord for raising up a SPEAR Asia team to do research and engage ministries in Southeast Asia in December. Pray that God will provide needed finances and prepare the hearts of each team member.


Also pray that God will raise up an additional research and engage team in the next few months and that He will provide Bible teachers for an October/November training team.


▪Praise God for opportunities to partner with SE Asian believers who are seeking to take the Gospel to unreached people groups in their country and neighboring countries. Pray for strength, safety and financial provision for “Hank“ and “Tina” as they lead these ministries.


▪Pray for the SPEAR IM Board of Directors as they consider weighty matters at the July 15 Board meeting.


▪The Board continues to seek a new Chief Ministry Officer. Pray for wisdom as we interview prospective candidates.



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Jesus left his followers a Great Command and a Great Commission. The Great Command is to love God above everything and to love your neighbor as yourself. (Mt. 22:36~39) When questioned about who your neighbor is Jesus told a story which explained that anyone we know about who is in need is our neighbor. (Luke 10:25~37) The Great Commission directs all Christians to go out and make disciples of all peoples everywhere. (Mt. 28:18~20)


Of course the Great Command doesn’t mean that we should sell all of our possessions and attempt to feed every hungry person or help every poor, abused, or marginalized person in the world. Likewise, the Great Command doesn’t require all of us to spend our life in a foreign country. However, it is clear that God does expect us to do something for people in both spiritual and physical need!


One of the ways you can obey both the Great Command and the Great Commission is to partner with an orphan in Kenya through SPEAR International Ministries. When you become a “His Kids Friend” you are demonstrating the love of Christ to your “neighbor” who is in critical need. Through your partnership with that child you have the opportunity to “make disciples of all nations”.


There is a cost!


Becoming a His Kids Friend will cost you a little more than $1 a day (*$38.00 per month). That’s a day’s salary for about 1 billion people in the world today. It will also cost you a few minutes each day to pray for your child and a few more minutes to write them an email or letter. Perhaps you can even visit your child someday.


Benefits to your His Kids Friend because of your Partnership are:


-Loving care from committed Christians in a clean, safe environment where they are free from the stigma of being orphans.

-Three meals a day in a community where that is rare.

-Health care.

-A quality Christian education through 12th grade.

-An opportunity to hear the Gospel, to be discipled and to grow spiritually through the staff and believers in the local church.

-Encouragement from BCC staff to grow as a disciple of Jesus Christ and to become

-Benefits of His Kids Friends for you and your family:

-An opportunity to fulfill the Great Command and the Great Commission.

-Life changing impact from involvement with one of God’s special children.

-Eternal reward from the greatest Giver of all. (Matthew 25:31~40


*Although you are assigned a specific child, funds are combined to help all children in the project.




The “5 Loaves and 2 Fish” program is designed to help provide food for the full-time orphans who live at the orphanage and about 100 orphans who attend the Bethel Christian School. The kids who live at the orphanage receive 3 meals a day. Breakfast is typically bread and milk. Lunch is beans or other grain and dinner is “ugali” (similar to grits though a bit drier) often accompanied by greens or other vegetable. We are seeking to add occasional fruit and monthly meat to this diet. There is also a need to expand the feeding program to other destitute children and some widows who live near the Center. Gifts of any amount can be designated for the “5 Loaves and 2 Fish” program.















In Africa children with physical or mental handicaps are usually ignored and neglected by their country and even their families. The Vision Center, on the outskirts of Nairobi, was started by a Christian lady with a burden to show the love of Christ to children who would otherwise spend their days wallowing in squalor.


The Vision Center provides a safe, clean, loving environment where children receive food, care, physical therapy and the Gospel.


Contributions to this project will help with food, housing, physical therapy equipment and salaries for therapists and social workers. Need-$10,000.00 Click the donate button to give.















Christians in this Southeast Asian country have been persecuted and oppressed for generations. In spite of opposition the number of Christians and churches has been steadily growing. The most critical need is for trained leaders in the church-especially for the churches among the 10’s of millions of people who make up the main ethnic group. There are currently less than 20 trained, ordained, evangelical pastors for this massive people group.


Prayers were answered in 2013 when Christian leaders were given permission to launch the H. Bible College. HBC has the opportunity to significantly impact the future of their country by equipping men and women with the Word of God and skills in communicating its truth to a constantly increasing number of spiritually ravenous new believers.


Contributions to this project will help provide housing, tuition, resources, and training for students at HBC and for students enrolled in other informal training programs. Click the donate button to give.














"There is an average of 178,000 people coming to Christ daily around the world. Seven thousand new church leaders are needed daily to care for the growing church. Eight-five percent of the churches of the world are led by people who have no formal training in theology or ministry. Leaders from every non-Western region say their "number one need is leadership training.” (Serving with Eyes Wide Open, David Livermore, P. 41)


You can respond to this critical need by providing scholarships for developing Christian leaders to obtain much needed Theological and ministry training. Some will study at formal training institutions such as Moffat Bible College in Kenya, H. Bible College in Southeast Asia, or L.P.N. Seminary in Cuba. Others will study in less formal settings, but with the same goal of becoming equipped to actively multiply disciples and churches as they effectively proclaim and teach the Word of God.


Your contribution to this project will help provide Bibles, training materials, tuition, and room and board for developing Christian leaders. The potential benefits from your investment will continue to multiply and impact future generations. Need-$150.00 per month per student. Click the donate button to give.



To give without any designation (where needed) please click here













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